Sophie graduated from Bird College with 1st Class Honours in 'Dance and Theatre'. She hit the floor running, gaining a role as a Millerette in the Heyman Hoskins feature film ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’, before going on to work as a freelance dancer and choreographer for various commercial endeavours in and around London. She was spotted by StopGAP dancer Lucy Bennett, and was asked to dance in the 2007 Resolution! festival for Lucy's company ‘Lunacy Nicked’. This connection with Lucy led to Sophie working with StopGAP for the rest of the year as an Access Officer, before beginning her apprenticeship with the company in early 2008. Sophie has since become a full-time dancer for the company since 2009, touring with Portfolio Collection and now making her mark with Trespass. Sophie is delighted to have been given the opportunity to dance with StopGAP, and feels she has had an otherwise undiscovered passion awoken for the wealth of diversity, complexities and resonance of integrated dance.